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Youth Program

Rowing is unique sport in its combination of boat sizes and the opportunities for young men and women to train side by side, and sometimes in the same boats, in pursuit of athletic excellence.  It is also exceptional in that it is rarely an appropriate sport for pre-adolescents.  A young rower discovering the sport at 14, 15, or later is neither unusual nor unwelcome. Athletic conditioning is always an advantage, but rowing is a highly strategic sport mentally and physically. These are skills that require ongoing improvement at every stage of the sport. Rowing is hard, fun, meditative, tough  ... and rewarding. It is very worth giving this sport a serious try--and we encourage you to come give it a try with us, and see where the sport might take you.

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Lake Phalen Community Rowing is intended to be a competitive program that develops a diverse team of young athletes from all backgrounds to compete up to the national level in our sport.

Junior Competive Team

For most young athletes, this will mean training to participate in the Upper Midwestern Regional Championship Regatta (mid May) and the US Rowing Youth National Championship Regatta (early June). Our athletes participate in:

  • Sprint Racing (2k distance, usually on a lake venue)

  • Head Racing (5k distance, always on a river venue)

  • Erg Racing (2k distance, on a rowing ergometer)

Along with training for national competition, late winter indoor racing on the ergometer (rowing machine) is prioritized, as this venue provides scores that are used by college recruiters, and in some cases the US Rowing international selection committee (Worlds, the Olympics).

Our Junior Team is a FOUR SEASON program. This does not mean that every athlete on the team trains year round with the program. We strongly encourage our athletes to cross train in the winter months (Nordic Skiing is an excellent complementary sport enjoyed by several of our current young rowers). But we encourage our rowers to have athletic goals. Learning to set these goals and develop practical steps to achieve them-- while remaining injury-free--is a distinctive part of our program in the Twin Cities. Rowing is a life-time sport. Our coaches are dedicated to developing the versatile physical skills that build an athlete up rather than break the body down.


Many athletes come to rowing from sports where they have topped out their skills and lost the ability to move forward. Rowing programs, at their finest, combine productive physical training with the mentally immersive experience of being on the water in a beautiful place. Rowing, while it requires discipline, is also a stress-relieving escape from life pressures.


It is LPCR's mission to develop a diverse, competitive team of young athletes from all backgrounds to compete up the National level in our sport. 2020 has been a challenging year for every sport, but LPCR maintained an active, Covid-free training and scrimmage schedule throughout the summer of 2020. Our athletes' diligence, sense of responsibility, and integrity were key to promoting and maintaining this environment, even as our rowers gave generously of their time for the LPCR community programs at Lake Phalen.

Our board and our volunteers love rowing. Our goals for the competitive team: development, achievement, focus and skill. To succeed in any of these goals, athletes need to be healthy, goal-oriented, and willing to learn dedication. Outdoor sports all have an element of unpredictability, and few more intensively than rowing. Resilience, mentally and physically, is an invaluably component of the sport.


For athletes on the LPCR , competive team, rowing means training to participate in the Upper Midwestern Regional Championship Regatta (mid May) and the USRowing Youth National Championship Regatta (early June), and, for 11th graders, working to achieve an ergometer 2k score that will offer them the opportunity for the best team-fit in college

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Junior Developmental Team


We welcome high school students from rising 9th graders through to those who have just completed their senior year, and the occasional highly motivated younger athlete who is ready to get in a boat. Our team is open to all, from novice rowers (including, but not limited to, those who have just completed our free Learn-to-Row program) to competitive  athletes with previous rowing experience.

Power Ten aka Lake Phalen Community Rowing is registered with USRowing (the national organizing body here in USA), and participates in USRowing's Safe Sport program, which encourages a healthy, supportative, and inclusive environment for all participants. 

For additional details, please refer to the Schedule and Rowing FAQ pages.

The LPCR Commitment to Equal Access in Rowing


Free Four Day Learn-to-Row Junior Program

In SUMMER and FALL, Power Ten runs free four day Learn-to-Rows (afternoons, MTWTh) on Lake Phalen through Lake Phalen Community Rowing.  This program is intended to give novice athletes a chance to discover and develop their rowing skills in a pleasant, relaxed environment. This course is mentally and physically challenging. To counter this, the program is paced to encourage mutual support and team development, as the participants work in different configurations to support and challenge their learning.

Club volunteers and coaches work individually with athletes to develop safe boating skills on land and in the water.

For information on upcoming sessions, please refer to the Upcoming section on the Schedule page.


Free Single-Session Intro-to-Row Program

In SUMMER, Power Ten runs free Saturday Intro-to-Rows on Lake Phalen (11am - 2pm) through Lake Phalen Community Rowing. This program is intended to give the community a chance to discover and develop their rowing skills while the weather conditions are the most welcoming to the challenges of this sport. Educational materials and equipment are provided free of charge to the participating public.


During the Summer of 2020, while maintaining best practices for outdoor engagement, Lake Phalen Community Rowing was at the Lake Phalen boat launch for regular Saturday morning sessions, offering free water access to both pre-registered participants and walk-by community members.  We are proud to report the completion of a Covid-19 and safety-incident free season! More than 250 members of the public stopped through to review our materials, and almost 100 individuals gained the experience of sitting in, or taking their first strokes with, one of our single scull training boats.

For information on upcoming sessions, please refer to the Upcoming section on the Schedule page.

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