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Rowing is a full body sport. Rowers wear clothing that does not impede the movement of any part of the body. Loose fitting clothes can interfere with boat equipment, and most particularly with the rollers of the seat.

At the bottom of this page you will find an extensive list of various clothing items rowers find necessary or useful. The links provided are intended to give an idea of the kinds of clothing rowers commonly use and are not intended as specific product endorsements.

Group orders for uniforms and other logoed clothing  are made bi-yearly for the warm & cold seasons.

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Club logo T-shirts only, and for 2021, Club logo Masks, are the only items available for order year round.

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Rowing Clothes

The team should present as a unified group. Our club colors are Midnight (navy), Marine (teal) and Gold (yellow). Additionally, our oars use White, and LPRC uses this as an additional color in some designs for background or contrast.




What to wear

At Practice
  • Rowing 'trou' or equivalent (close fitting shorts)

  • T-shirt

  • Layers for warmth.

Avoid clothing with unzippered pockets (kangaroo style or similar) on the front.

Race Uniform


  • BLACK or NAVY  lycra shorts or long NAVY leggings

  • Club t-shirt (contact Coach Grace if you don't have one)

  • socks


  • longsleeve NAVY base layer (for wearing under Club t-shirt while racing)

  • long NAVY leggings

  • visor or headband

Beyond these basics, it is always recommended to arrive at practice or a race course with sufficient layers of clothing to keep warm or be protected from the sun.

Further Suggestions for Rowing Basics:

The following are suggestions, not prescriptions. Racing requirements excepted, please feel welcome to wear whatever gear will be comfortable and protect you from the elements.

BLACK or NAVY  lycra Shorts

Generally close-fitting, rowers often wear shorts over their leggings. for additional warmth. Chose for comfort and likelihood of not catching in the seat-runners.

Short sleeve (or sleeveless) Shirt

  • Any. Cotton, Polyester or High-Performance fiber are all suitable. Rowers wear shirts that are long enough to tuck into the waistband of  their shorts or leggings.

  • Any thick comfortable socks will do. Above-the-calf socks are recommended for wear in some of the older boats .

Full-Length Leggings (NAVY)

When it comes to men's leggings on the internet, it can be hard to distinguish between undergarments and outerwear. Online rowing stores can be depended on for outerwear.


Longsleeve NAVY base layer

Mockneck or turtleneck style is recommended for warmth

Visor or sweatband


Turtleshell style vest (black)


This is a warm, sleeveless layer for wearing in the boat while up to the starting line, or during practice--note: there will be no pockets, or flat-zippered pockets, on the front of clothing layers designed to be worn while rowing.

Splash Jacket or Similar
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