HotC Global Remote Event ~ Results

LPCR boats finished at the top of their divisions, with a 1st place and two 2nd place times. Equipment issues with the GPS trackers in our novice boats, which disallowed our ability to upload all club results, unfortunately meant all our boat times were not recorded. But we are very proud of every one of our rowers' efforts. Coach Grace Gardner deserves plaudits for the efforts she made above and beyond to ensure that every one of her rowers had a chance to participate in this unique event.

The Head of the Charles Regatta is the world’s largest two-day rowing event. In "normal years" entry is by lottery, with returning crews guaranteed entry if they were in the top 50% of their field in crew events, or within 5% of the winning time in sculling events in the previous year. The Covid-19 circumstances of this year provided a unique opportunity for all rowers to participate. Results will not be held over to 2021, but after two seasons of cancelled regattas, this was a unique and important opportunity to participate on the national rowing stage.

In the U17 Category 2x competition, Matthew Duerr and Soren Gardner placed 1st in their Division, and 3rd for all U17 rowers (1st and 2nd place went to two smoking fast UK 2- [pair oar] rowed on the Thames River tideway). David Steinberger and Grant Steinberger placed 2nd (4th overall). We are proud and encouraged by the boys' sportsmanship and tenacious performances.

Team Captain William Warren-Hall placed 2nd in the Youth 1x Division, 13th overall for his age group (behind numerous 8+ [coxed 8x] and other crew entries).

We are grateful that our rowers had the chance to close their fall season with this challenging event.

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