Adult Learn-To-Row in Covid Times

The following describes what to expect from a LPCR Four Day Adult Learn-to-Row, Summer 2020

  • The LPCR Four Day Learn-to-Row program meets MTWTh, 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

  • Entry is by pre-Registration only

The uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought to community pursuits this summer has been a challenge to all.

At Lake Phalen Community Rowing, we have chosen to follow all Minnesota State recommendations for safety. We recognize that these are changing on a regular basis; every effort is being made from our side to keep current with new information as it is made available to the public.

  1. Equipment is disinfected after every user.

  2. Our coaches and volunteers wear masks at all times while interacting with the public.

  3. Insofar as is possible, social distance measures are respected, though in an environment where participants are out on the water and learning to balance in a narrow boat, these must be balanced with water safety precautions.

We are opting for small classes this summer, with no more than eight participants per session. This allows us an almost 1:1 ratio of coaches and coaching assistant volunteers for each boat. Small scale, perhaps, but in these challenging times we feel that this is the best and safest way to get novice rowers out on the water. Participants are boated in training singles or (household) doubles. This is not the easiest way to learn to row: in non-Covid times, novices are more commonly taught in boats with eights or four seats--bigger, more stable boats where the larger weight of the boat and its crew remove much of the challenge of staying afloat. But there are compensations: learning to row in a single is challenging, but the combination of the "reactivity" of the boat and the necessity of individual coaching mean that the "learning curve" is fast and rewarding.

From our side, it is rewarding to see participants work through the frustration of being held at the side of the lake through to the freedom to move at liberty around and across the lake. And on day four's end, seeing relaxed and smiling faces means that we have accomplished our goal: participants who have enjoyed themselves and gained a new, and not-exactly-easy-to-learn skill.

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