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photo/Jodie Mattern

Lake Phalen Community "Intro-to-Row" session, Summer 2020

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Mississippi River, Competition Preparation, Fall, 2020

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London, Lightweight Men's 4x Gold Medalists,Summer, 2012






Power Ten aka Lake Phalen Community Rowing was founded in the belief that there is a shared joy in competitive sport in general and in rowing in particular.

Rowing has historically been a sport slow to embrace inclusivity, from the infamous exclusion of US Rower Jack Kelly from the 1920 Royal Henley Regatta (on the basis that he had worked as a manual laborer), to the belated 1976 introduction of the US Nationals women's competition (multiple European countries had introduced national women's competitions decades before), through to the first appearance of a male black athlete on the US Olympic rowing team in 2004.

The sport faces ongoing perceptions as inaccessible. Access to boats, a rowing location with suitable water, transportation services and recruitment are ongoing challenges.

Power Ten offers free community programs via Lake Phalen Community Rowing to bring change both to these perceptions and access to  the sport.

In the summer of 2020, we offered community members, young and old, the opportunity to get onto the water in a boat and get the feel of oars in the water.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19 safety restrictions, we operated a healthy, successful, active program, inviting any member of the public who visited Lake Phalen on our Saturday mornings to "come row a boat."

If you could swim, you could have a try.

We are proud of our entirely volunteer run program. The work wasn't easy! But sitting a teenager in a boat-- in some cases for the first time he or she had ever been on the water holding an oar in his or her hand--that is just one of the rewards that makes meeting these challenges of access worthwhile.

Supporting and transitioning youth through the four levels of our program: Intro-to-Row, Learn-to-Row, Developmental Team, Competitive team, is the heart of our program. We meet each individual where they are, and offer them the training they need to move forward.



Me in a single
Boats on a trailer
2020 Power Ten Outreach 0718
2020 Power Ten Outreach 1215
Oars hanging
New Erg

Photo credit to Sarah Risser

Every dollar helps.  We have a great team and amazing volunteers.  Covid has limited our ability to fundraise through grants.  So any amount you are willing to contribute is appreciated.

Funds will applied to the general fund for equipment and maintenance of our fleet, wherever the need is greatest. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible.

Check out the descriptions below for examples  of how your money will help grow Power Ten aka Lake Phalen Community Rowing.

A $550 contribution can fund the purchase of a new set of sculling oars.  

An ergometer or erg as we fondly refer to them in the rowing community is essential   for winter training.  Rare is the rower who LOVES "erging." But we do it because it makes us better, stronger, faster rowers by using over 80% of our muscles.  Each benchmark $1,000 donation will allow us to purchase an erg.



Boat naming has a rich tradition in the rowing community. Your donation of $200-$1,000 will give the opportunity to contribute to our program and name one of our boats. Our first boat naming ceremony will be held the evening of Friday, July 24 (postponed due to Covid concerns). You will be invited to participate in person or virtually.

Shells/sculls are on of the biggest barriers to making rowing accessible to all.  A decent used single costs at least $2,500.  Legendary Coach Miriam Baer said singles make you a better rower.  It's you alone - no one else to blame.  New singles and team boats can cost anywhere from $10,000-$40,000.  A donation from you or your company in the amount of $2,500-$40,000 would give more opportunity to more city kids and adults to get on the water. Get healthy, more fit, and relief stress.

There is no Power Ten/Lake Phalen Community Rowing boathouse, and there is no dedicated dock for unpowered boats.  We have proposed plans for a lightweight, portable dock, with minimal environmental impact, that would improve water access for our novice rowers, protect our boats from shoreline damage, and extend our on-the-water season.  Your donation in any amount will help us reach our $25,000 goal, your $2,500 donation will add your name to the dock inscription plaque as a "Foundation Donor" to the club.





Our heaviest need is during our Summer and Fall seasons, when the Minnesota climate is the most welcoming to new rowers.


We can almost always use extra volunteers for our Intro-to-Row Saturdays (11:00 - 2:00) during the Summer Season.  Our experienced coaches can always use 'eyes on the bank' to engage the community and to support the coaches who are working on the water with participants.


When your goal is to engage anyone who is interested in learning-to-row, every on-land educational station and on-water boat seat can get filled up very quickly! 

Power Ten aka Lake Phalen Community Rowing is registered with USRowing (the national organizing body here in USA), and participates in USRowing's Safe Sport program, which encourages a healthy, supportative, and inclusive environment for all participants. 

We have amazing volunteers.  But this work takes a village.  If you have time or special talent/skills that can help us build and manage the program contact us. We would love to have you.

We our proud to use CheqrPay for our donation processing

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CheqrPay is a St. Paul based, woman-owned company launched in 2019 with the mission of helping those who are helping others.  Their easy to use, low cost online fundraising platform is designed to make giving quick and easy both online and in person.  They are committed to giving back and pledge to donate 10% of total profit to select platform organizations annually.

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Lake Phalen Community Rowing aka Power Ten is a 501(c)(3) organization

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