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Most newer boats can be scull (two oars x) or sweep (one oar -)

Training Single   


These are stable boats designed for inexperienced rowers. They’re not glamorous, and young athletes have a tendency to work as hard as they can to NOT be assigned a rowing seat in these boats. Newer training singles are no longer built like bathtubs, and can even be raced, in a pinch. 

Racing Single


One of the beautiful aspects of participating in team rowing is that athletes are encouraged to embrace the challenge of rowing in different boats, teams, and configurations. Every boat has unique qualities, every boat brings out different aspects of an athlete’s personality. The single racing shell is tippy. And wayward. But, rowed well, it is a thing of style and beauty. A seat in a racing single has to be desired as well as earned.

Racing Double 2-/x


Doubles are about partnerships, fluid and stable. Rowers are assigned to these boats by weight, size, and age. So a doubles partnership is a balance between developing a relationship with a Many rowers prefer to take their daily practice outings in a double, so doubles tend to do dual duty as workhorse boats.

Training Quad 4-/x


The training quad is… the workhorse that everyone rows. It’s stable, and fun, and can be rowed by a mix of experienced and inexperienced rowers.

Racing Quad 4-/x


The launch is the coach’s boat. Seen at every practice, it is the backbone of the club. We are hoping for a group donation, to name this boat in memory of the coaches who have inspired us.

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