On Saturday, October 10th, 7:30 am, Power Ten competed with 612endurance and a number of independent rowers in the HotC Global Remote Event.

Starting on the Mississippi River below the Ford Dam at Lock 1, rowers completed a 4800m race, with times recorded via the Strava App.

Power Ten had ten athletes registered, three 2xs and four 1xs. A big congratulations to all our rowers, some of whom were rowing in their first head race.

Much nicer weather than was forecast for a quiet Saturday morning on the Mississippi River.

More photos up at the MN ROW HUB Facebook page.

On Saturday, October 3rd, Power Ten will be participating in a scrimmage with 612endurance on the Mississippi River, in preparation for our participation in the Head of the Charles Regatta Global Remote Event. Scrimmages give clubs the opportunity to informally test their competitive skills. Power Ten is particularly grateful for the opportunity work with the 612endurance club, whose members includes National Champions and a strong Masters program of competitively experienced rowers. The attached video shows a young Coach Grace in 2015, race practicing on the Mississippi. Coach Miriam Baer, formerly of MBC, can be heard making critical commentary i nthe background.


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