LPCR is pleased to announce that Head Coach Grace Gardner has been awarded a Changemaker Scholarship for attendance at the USRowing 2020 Annual Convention.

These scholarships, in support of "Visionary Young Leaders" with fresh perspectives and a strong vision for the future of rowing, have been established to support and promote innovative voices at the Convention.

Recipients are asked to provide daily takeaways of their convention experiences, which will be shared on the Steady State Network website and social media.

We are looking forward to hearing Coach Grace's reports (alongside those of the other awardees), December 8th - 13th.

And a special thanks to iCrew, the team management system "designed and built by rowers, for rowers," for funding Grace's award.

As per the Governer's order, Dial Back, Minnesota, Power Ten aka Lake Phalen Community Rowing will be moving to virtual practice for the next four weeks.

Following independent week-of-Thanksgiving training, athletes will be supplied Monday, November 30th, with ergometers for their personal home use. Coach Grace is committed to maintaining an engaged and active winter program as we move toward the spring racing season--regardless of what form those races end up taking! Winter Training will continue with morning and afternoon Zoom sessions, to best serve the schedules of our covid-restricted athletes and their school schedules. By working together, we will get through this Covid Season Minnesota Strong!

November 9th marked the first day of Winter Training with Power Ten. We have a motivated group of young athletes working with us this season, who have been a terrific help in organizing our new indoor training center. Also a big thank you to our partners and donors who have enabled us to move into our beautiful, light-filled space at 882 Rice Street, Saint Paul.

Our youth team will be training in two "pods" this winter, with separate morning and evening sessions, as a Covid-19 safety precaution.

The focus this season will be on developing our athletes' confidence on the erg, strength, and general fitness.  The winter training will take place on ergs, with supplemental circuit work. Our primary goal will be to train for our spring competitive goals. Our secondary goal will be getting athletes faster 2K times, in preparation for late winter erg trials.

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